Welcome to the Junior League of Baton Rouge's Hybrid Hollydays!

While I wish we could all come together at the River Center in October to shop for a cause, I am so excited to present our first Hybrid Hollydays! At the virtual market, you can expect to see all of your favorite Hollydays merchants along with some new and exciting vendors. Also, you can now purchase your Mercedes and Rolex raffle tickets online, along with limited edition Hollydays apparel. Come October, you can bid on the silent auction from the comfort of your home or at the fabulous Dinner Gala hosted at Long-View, Former Home of Louisiana Governor Earl K. Long. And of course, we will have a safe and fun Saturday with Santa for the kids at local favorite, Victoria's Toy Station!

I hope you enjoy shopping our new virtual platform as much as we enjoyed creating it with the help of our creative agency, Otey White & Associates. Although different, the Hollydays tradition continues!


The 2020 Hollydays Committee

2020 Hollydays Steering Committee

  • Chair:

    Erin Nugent

  • Chair-Elect:

    Candace Lowe

  • Treasurer:

    Kris Beatty

  • Auction Co-Chairman

    Laura Cedor + Liz Bahlinger

  • Production Co-Chairman:

    Shelly Edgerton + Jessica Warner

  • Special Events Co-Chairman:

    Elizabeth Turner + Jennifer Maltbie

  • Food & Beverage Special Events Chairman:

    Monica Carroum

  • Food & Beverage Production Chairman:

    Stacy Delmar

  • Decorations Chairman:

    Morgan Maughan

  • Solicitations Co-Chairman:

    Katelyn Hodges + Michelle West

  • Promotions Chairman:

    Alex Deiro

  • Retail Co-Chairman:

    Alana Haynie + Cammy McGehee

  • Donor Data Entry Chairman:

    Chrislyn Maher

  • Personnel Co-Chairman:

    Michaelynn Markey + Monelle Wells

  • Raffle Co-Chairman:

    Lynn Howard + Akilah Taylor